Sunday, October 11, 2009

Life - Events, Drama

Why is there so much drama in life these days. Why do kids do drugs? Why do people engage in such high-risk lifestyle behaviour?

Beings seek thrill! We want excitement! The people want an event, THE events! Thats what makes people live, make life worth its existance.

Back in the day people had EVENTS in their life. Back in the day going to town was an event, Seeing a movie was an event, going to a concert and such was an event. Now we live in the microwave age: instant life, instant experience, instant everything!

Going to the mall isnt an event anymore because we do it everyday. People used to dress up for the shops.
"Let's go to town!" they would say and everyone would get all dollied up! Wearing the special going out pants, frock and shoes. "we're going to the haberdashery! Get your hat on, Pa!"

today you can too easily get the latest track and movies that aren't even on circuit at the drop of a hat, at the end of the dial-up tone. There's no longer that special excitement in going to get the latest released record or going to the bioscope. With the inception of the internet and data-sharing sites, the excitement of getting the latest song or movie is. You can easily just download it, from your phone evens. All you need is the right codes and technologies.

Living in the microwave-age, how do we get the thrill? Wherin lies the events in life? Drugs! Sex! Drama! Cults! Fights! Generally Destructive (more especially self-destructive) behaviour and activities.

("Sit jou kerkhoed op, Ma. Hier kom die oggendiens.") people have multiple sex partners, Do drugs, pick daily fights and arguements, just to feel something in their day. Gone are the days when you got excitement from what has now become everyday things: the bioscope, a new album release, shopping. Now we need these artificial stimulus to give us events in life.

We need to take time in life to enjoy the simple things in. Make mealtimes an event. Make saying hello to someone an event. Make buying the milk an occasion. Make life your event.

Live it.
Love it. . .

j3tsetter out