Friday, October 30, 2009

Blogging Scandalously

By Isabelle Abraham

Being a self-confessed gossip-lover, the blog title RU Scandalous? appeals to me immediately. On entering the site, one is instantly confronted with the ominous image of the Rhodes University Clock Tower. The stark contrast between the black and pink in the background makes it visually appealing. The image of the flawless skin and glossy lips makes the blog seem glamorous, whereas the pink-tinted skull smoking out of the mouth delivers a slightly sinister edge to the site.

The blog is created by Thobile Memela, Nicholas Rocke, Jessica Lewer, Aimee Caufield and Sifiso Sikhakhane, and is aimed at journalism students. The blog posts range significantly in writing style and topic and each entry highlights an individual issue. Many of the posts include visuals which capture the reader’s attention very quickly and are clever aids to the entries.

The quality of the writing itself is of a general high standard and it is particularly interesting to note the difference between the writers’ styles. “Stormy Weather”, for example, had a very creative feel to it as the writer narrated it in a classic story-telling form, making it atmospheric. Another piece, “Dramatic Arts; a Home for Homosexuals” is a finely-wrought opinion piece; it candidly speaks about the stereotypes associated with the Rhodes Drama Department and cleverly exposes this issue.

The colour of the writing makes it clear to read but the white-on-black eventually strains the eye, making it uncomfortable to read. All in all, this student blog is one definitely worth visiting.