Monday, October 26, 2009


What’s with the drama in this day and age? Why do kids do drugs? Why do people engage in such high-risk lifestyle behaviour?

They must have a need for speed. We want excitement! The people want an event! Give us a thrill.
Let’s live the rockstar lifestyle: a different lover every night, on the best cocaine and ecstasy, get into a brawl every night - just to feel something... Gone are the days when you got excitement from the rarities in life that now just happen everyday – the latest album release, going to the shops. Now artificial stimulus is needed to give any feeling.
Back in the day going to town was an event, seeing a movie was an event! Now we live in the instantaneous age: instant life, instant experience, instant event!

Going to the mall isn’t an event anymore: we do it everyday. People used to dress up for the shops.
"Let's go to town!" they would say and everyone would get dollied up. Today you can just get the latest track or movie that isn’t even on circuit yet, right at the end of the dial-up tone.
Living in the microwave-age, how do we get the thrill? Wherein lies life events? Drugs? High risk sex? What about self-destructive behaviour? Carving up the Christmas arm…?

So what of living the instant-rockstar lifestyle? Life’s too short anyway. It’s like, who needs a umbrella when it’s raining? Your gonna get wet anyway.