Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another Zunami case

by Lunga Khuzwayo

South Africa never fails to produce front page news coverage. With the scandal in politics, newspapers are never out of business. The most recent ‘melodramatic’ story is about the Agliotti and Selebi saga. There have been continues follow-ups to this story, revealing the corruption in the police force. Jackie Selebi, the former national commissioner of the South African Police Service, faces charges of corruption due to having alleged associations with Glen Agliotti, a convicted drug lord. The rug is pulled from the official’s a feet and this brings about awareness of the extent of corruption that exists in our beloved country. A change is needed in the political system to smoke out all the rats with deep pockets and short hands. We are biting our nails and holding our breaths. Those we thought we could trust to protect us and enforce the law, are wearing masks of heroes. Yet, there is a glimmer of hope with our current president, Jacob Zuma. Though scepticism about his performance in presidency has been made, it seems he has done well to prove us wrong so far. Recent news speaks of Zuma’s action against poor service delivery. Recognising the negligence of the municipality to deliver, Zuma has taken the initiative to make a change. It rare for a politician to reach out to the common citizen, however, Zuma is reaching down from his high horse and is directly approaching the social ills that exist.