Friday, October 30, 2009

Mission I. N. Fil. T. R. 8

Someone told me I could find her in the BRAAE labs – the post grad labs – but will I be able to get in. I’ll have to find a way in…

I ascend the two flights of stairs and assume stealth-mode. I just walk around there like part of the furniture – stealth mode active. Except I wasn’t furniture – I wonder if anyone noticed?

So anyway, here I am in front of the doors of BRAAE – the post grad labs – with no way of getting in… this random guy comes with his access card and opens the door. I just smiled and expected him to walk past and leave me peering through the window like that last puppy in the pet store. Little dig I know I’ m a bloodhound.

Oh well, the guy kept the door open waiting for me to enter, so I didMy post-grad slealth disguise must be working.

So I infiltrate the post-grad labs and locate the target. She wasn’t hard to locate.

I locate her. - She greets me with a loving hug and a handful of pecans (what a sweet friend). Then she said I could chill on Facebook or whatever. Then I was all like:

“Aren’t they gonna put me out? I’m not a post grad…”

“Not if you just keep quiet and not disturb anyone.”

“Yay! I’m in BRAAE labs! I’m in BRAAE labs!”

“Except post grads don’t do that once when we get in these labs... We are just confident and in control.”

Well I bet yall do it on the inside…”

So that’s the story. That’s how I infiltrated the post grad labs – in my undergrad first year.

Can’t wait for post grad, they got the nicest computers ever and the air-con on at just the right level. Teehehe.

Mission complete.

a comic strip!