Sunday, October 18, 2009

Zuma's Presinetial Cold-line

How accessible is the president really now? Well ask him yourself. Just call him up on his Presidential hotline. That’s if you can get through.

Political commentarians have been making commentary about this government service and its inadequacy. Like Zapiros Madam & Eve cartoons. Zapiro has released a series if cartoons that comments on the President’s new toll-free hotline. In particular, Zapiro has been commenting on the poor delivery of this service. One cartoon in particular comments on how the call-in staff is inadequately trained.

But Zapiro isn’t the only talking head that is loud and unproud in their commentary of Zuma’s presidential hotline. The DA has been quite vocal about their attempts to get through to this hotline and there lack of success. This initiative is a good one in that it has curbed the notion that the government is inaccessible but that it is a mission to get hold get through on the hotline, claim the DA. Apparently Zuma claimed to be directly accessible through this hotline, now it would seem he isn’t.

This presidential hotline seems top have only created another bulls-eye for Zuma’s commentarians to focus their crosshairs on. And rightly so. It would seem this hotline is a ploy Zuma has endeavoured upon in order to win some favour. If that is so, he has failed – for personally President Zuma has no favour with me. He still has a lot to prove. And he can call me up on that one.