Sunday, October 18, 2009

Zimbabwean students cut off scholarships for joining the MDC.

Sphamandla Dlakwe

Hundreds and hundreds of zimbabwean students funded by the Zimbabwean scholarship programme at the university of fort hare have been cut off the scholarship programme for supporting the MDC. The students who came here with the hope of getting better futures and make something out of their lives are left hopeless, futurless and devastated after they have been stripped off the programme and left as what they call ''hopeless victims''

Zimbwabwe as one of Africa's poorest and developing countries, i believe that it was smart of president Mugabe and his presidency for putting such a positive cause aimed at helping Underprivileged students get a better life through the means of education, putting into account and acknowledging that education is the key to success, its a stepping stone to a brighter future, a key that can possibly open many doors and indeed a bright lamp that gives us guidance throughout our life journey.

I am failing to understand why the students have to be victims of political prejudice for only choosing to join and or campaign for Mugabe's opposition party, where is the freedon of choice, is there any hope that Zimbabwe will be a better place for each and everyone of its citizens, provide for and assist the poorest of the poor? yes there is according to the students, that is the exact reason why people specifically the students in this scenario, believe that tsvangaria is their only hope who can bring change to the country. Will stripping students off scholarships help the country develop in any way? No it will only help Mugabe and his ego, what about the people, didn't they elect him to work for them? Yes did.

Stoping the education from progressing will only lead to the country's failiure not success. i think its time people stand up for themselves and other presidents and political leaders intervening in Zimbabwe's crisis.

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