Friday, October 30, 2009

What’s your number? What’s YOUR colour?

The JMS1 class of 2009 have very strong viewpoints and aren’t afraid to put out there in the most flamboyant ways. Paging through the book of blogs by the JMS1 class of 2009 has been a treat for my eyes, and snack for my intellect.

While looking through a number of blogs one in particular caught my eye: The number 42 is purple. A warm, soft green background, and very interesting header-pic intrigued me to scroll down to investigate.

This blog is one of 62 blog-groups by the JMS1 students from Rhodes University. These first years were asked to blog on a number of subject matter. They blogged opinion pieces, commentary pieces and even self reflective pieces about who they are as bloggers. This was an opportunity to show their different styles of writing. It was also an opportunity to show off their cyber knowledge and aesthetics prowess.
This group’s use of aesthetics is very appealing. Their background was warm, inviting and easy on the eye. I enjoyed the prominence of pictures. It is also good to see that they have progressed from articles without pictures, to having a picture accompany every article now.

Their use of language was very effective as they did not speak down to any readers but approached the reader on the same plane.

All in all it is truly a blog worth the read. You can get delicious succinct articles that are a lovely snack to read and a feast for the eyes with their lovely pictures.