Monday, September 28, 2009

Sphamandla dlakwe is an 18 year old male, born and raised in Alexandria in the Eastern Cape South Africa. With two siblings and self employed single mother who managed to raise three children on her own with obstacles on her path but pushed in order for her children to have a brighter future. I started school in Bhongweni primary school one of the most disadvantaged schools in the Eastern Cape and went to proceed with my higher grades in Ukhanyo secondary school in Alexandria in which I matriculated.
Although I always wanted to further my studies Rhodes University was never a first choice for me acknowledging its recognised standard of education. I have dreams and ambitions and I have realised that I’m the only person that can make them come true meaning that there are some things that I’m kind of forced to do which is one of life’s challenges and I have to make sure that those challenges are worked hard upon, and not allowed to have a negative impact in my future.
Life is a challenge, a race that has the best of the bests but I believe that everyone has a best in them. An element of excellence but that only needs hard work and determination to show and do you good. In my view I believe that education is the key to success but that doesn’t mean that without education people are nothing although it is a stepping stone to a brighter future. Nothing comes easy in life everything has to be worked hard for; life is clearly and seriously not an easy flow. People should always try to analyse things not to always be part of a system that holds they thoughts and attempts to make a positive change in their lives and the world around them. And that is and has been always what I wanted, to leave a finger or a foot print in this world make a positive influence in other people’s lives, be a legend.
I believe that people deserve to know the truth about life not that anyone knows how tomorrow or the next hours are going to be but we can always act for a better future for all. Journalism I believe is there for the informing and truth bringing role in our world, bringing real news to the people, inform them about the world, be responsible and keen to make a better world for all. Be fearless and that’s not journalism, journalism exists because of journalists those are the people who has to be fearless always brings out the truth that people needs to know, be informative.
I am a fearless and I believe that people should be informed about the things that affect them and the people around them, their world. I’m positive about life and believe that people should try to stay positive and be willing to work hard towards their dreams.