Monday, September 28, 2009

Picture of a J3tsetting Blogstar...

A picture speaks a thousand words and is a feast for the eyes. Allow me to paint a picture of my world. Take a peek through my lens...

I am a first year Journalism and Media Studies at Rhodes University. Living in the fast-paced cybernated world, one has to stay on one's toes technological and that counts for journalist (and journalist students) too. Life happens and when it happens it happens real fast. But pictures capture life's moments and allow you to relive those moments and then still find new memories in those moments. I love taking photographs and telling stories. If you have a second allow me to show the world through my eyes and my lens.

As a group we hope to tackle on what it is like to be a media studies student in this digital age. We read to broaden our horizons, then we hope to stimulate discussion and broaden our horizons and that of our followers together through discussion.

Being a journalist in this new digital age we are faced with problems and issues. How do we keep reading alive when the world we live in is so digimated? How do you get people to buy your newspaper with the plethora of information that is at their fingertips at the ready in real time? How do we get people to stick around long enough to read our blog? This and much more is what I, with the help of with my group hope to address.

The world of Journalism is changing. Not only is it changing fast but it is fast becoming faster and faster in itself. This fast pace is due to the inception of the interweb version 2.0. Thanx to twitter, blogs, and the plethora of online community social networking panels, journalist have a way harder job to do now. Anyone can be a journalist in this day and age.
So what is a journ student to do?
We take back our craft.
Let us show you how we do this – Rhodent style.

J3tsetter out.


journopad said...

Yey(!!!!) for taking back the craft!!!

J3tsetter said...

i agree, it just sucks though that we are really seriously studing our asses of, with lectures and assgnments and what have that are so murderous, and peopl who have never had seen the AMM or any journalistic department just waltz off the streets and write and become famous.... but i do feel that our studies will give us some sort of headstart. i am once you know where you come from as a journo you can then know where you going to. not so?