Friday, October 16, 2009

Tutorial Tidbits

Yolande Botha

Our Tuesday tutorial taught me a number of things about who I am in relation to the people that surround me. The circle which we had to complete with the names of people that we associate with in a hierarchical manner, enlightened me to a lot of things that I value in others and the kind of people that I choose to associate with. In the first position outside of the circle with my name in, I put in the name of my best friend. Although she studies in Stellenbosch and I only get to see her physically a few times per year, the geographical distance between us does not mean that our emotional connection has dimmed. I still feel close to my best friend because we share similar values such as compassion and dedication. The fact that I was unaware of the daily routines of a lot of the people who I included in my circle, made me realise that it is not the mundane events that have created my bonds with people. Beyond that it also showed me that when I do have the opportunity to spend time with the truly special people in my life, I like that time to transcend the boundaries of the our ordinary daily lives. Finally, the tutorial also made me aware of the similarities between the writing of analogies and headlines. Both require the use of striking language that will conjure up a vivid image of the event that took place in the mind of the reader.